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Slime Self-Sealing Presta Valve Inner Tube

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Keep your ride rolling with the Slime® Smart Tube Self-Healing Presta Valve 700×19 Bike Tube. The tube is made with durably Butyl rubber while the sealant offers puncture protection for two years. Easily inflate the tube with its Presta Valve and hit the road.


  • Road bike tube
  • Made for commuting and city riding
  • Ideal for replacing a worn-out tube and preventing flats
  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Features Slime® sealant
  • Provides protection against flats for up to 2 years


  • Material: Butyl rubber
  • Size: 700 x 19-25mm
  • Valve type: Presta
  • Valve length: 48mm
  • Valve threaded: Fully threaded with locking nut and removable Presta core
  • Weight: 107g


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Slime Self-Sealing Presta Valve Inner Tube