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Estar Rides

Magicycle E-bike Display

SKU C5YBY20A22W100 Category


The Magicycle E-bike with display provides speed, mileage, power, etc information.

1. Battery Capacity – A fuel gauge for your electrons.
2. Odometer – Calculate how many miles you ride.
3. Pedal Assist Level – Pedal assistance power adjustment.
4. Speedometer – Can be set to current speed, max speed, or average speed.
5. USB Charging – It can charge your dying cell phone.
6. Wattmeter – Displays motor power output in real-time.

Package Weight: about 0.35lbs/160g
Package Size:  3.94″*3.94″3.35″ (10*10*8.5cm)

*Please contact customer service to confirm what replacement parts you need before purchasing!


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Magicycle E-bike Display