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LIVALL Smart Helmet BH51M Neo

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Redefine your safety!
This Helmet won IPSO 2018 Product of the Year, 2018 and 2020 IF Design Awards!
Bright, smart, and dynamic lights, make your rides safer on the road!

Front LED Lights & Brake Warning Lights: The front warning lights work together with the 270° tail lights, to protect users’ security in all directions. When the built-in gravity acceleration sensor detects a significant deceleration, the front and tail lights will be highlighted for 8 seconds to draw front and rear vehicles’ and pedestrians’ attention.

Auto On/Off Anti-Loss Alarm: The helmet will be turned off automatically when the helmet is disconnected from the phone and keep quiescence for 15 mins. The helmet will automatically turn on when it moves. When the helmet is connected to the phone and the distance between the helmet and phone exceeds 15 meters, both of helmet and phone will alarm to remind users.

Fall Detection: In the event of an accident, the emergency system will kick in automatically and send your GPS location to your emergency contacts. 

Press for SOS: If in distress, press the red button on the remote for 5 seconds and your emergency contacts will receive an alert message with your GPS location. 

Built-in Bluetooth Speaker & Windproof Microphone: Use the remote control to answer calls, listen to music, voice navigation, and multi-person intercom. Easily communicate with your fellow cyclists using the Walkie-Talkie function when riding in a group. (Note: Only adapted for Android)

Material: ABS Outer Shell + high-density EPS Inner shell
Battery: 3.7V 300mAh low-temperature li-ion battery
Battery Duration: Up to 300 mins of talking time
Charging Time: About 2 hrs fully charge 
Charging Interface: Magnetic suction
Operating Environment: -20°C to 50°C
Helmet Head Circumference: 22.4″-24″
Weight: 1.06lbs(480g)


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LIVALL Smart Helmet BH51M Neo