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Estar Rides

Large Foldable E-Bike Lock

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Security from all angles!
Ultra-high-strength steel construction and unique folding design maximize the bike’s security while being compact and easy to store.

High-strength & Anti-theft: the lock body is made of high-strength manganese steel, which can resist 12 tons of hydraulic shears

Specialized Parts: Special stainless steel rivets, anti-prying, and anti-rust, the tensile force can reach more than 3 tons.

Portable: With a lock cover, it can be installed in multiple positions on the bicycle body, and it’s firm and easy to carry.

Multi-scenario Application: The unfolded length of 37.4″ and the 90° rotatable lock head allow you to use it in any scene.

Color: Black
Material: Manganese steel
Weight: 2.65lbs (1.2kg)
Size: 2″*7.9″
Unfolded Length: 37.4″


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Large Foldable E-Bike Lock