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Estar Rides

Electric Bikes Floor Air Pump

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High Pressure, Save Time and Effort!
Properly inflated tires are critical to both performance and safety, so a reliable air pump is one of your must-haves.

Integrated Molding: seamless barrel, more sturdy and durable.

Ergonomic Handle: comfortable grip, non-slip and wear-resistant.

Versatile Air Nozzle: suitable for American/English/French air nozzles, and the auxiliary air nozzle as a gift to meet your needs.

Accurate Barometer: intuitively display real-time pressure data, avoiding over-inflated tires.

Colour: Black
Material: Cast iron/aluminum alloy
Applicable Valve: American / British / French
Weight: 1.98lbs(910g)
Size: 25.6″*9.5″*5.9″
Air Pressure Peak: 160psi


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Electric Bikes Floor Air Pump