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Estar Rides

Ebike Cycling Gloves

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Dry, Warm, Light Weight
Keep you focused on enjoying the scenery for your hands will stay warm and dry.

1. The composite fabric is windproof and waterproof, which can resist all bad weather.

2. Add cotton fleece lining to increase comfort and warmth.

3. Elastic band mouth and Velcro design, easy to wear.

4. The palm is made of microfiber material and thickened palm pad, which is cushioned and wear-resistant.

5. Silicone anti-slip printing process to provide better grip.

6. Touch screen material, sensitive touch screen without removing gloves.

Color: Black
Back Material: three-layer composite windproof fabric
Palm Material: microfiber material
Inner material: cotton
Weight: 0.66lbs (300g)
Size: 15.75″*7.48″


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Ebike Cycling Gloves