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E-took Anti-Theft E-Bike Chain Locks

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Our most secure chain lock!
A keyed chain lock that provides pro-level protection through a durable 0.3″ hardened steel chain.

Practical: With 0.3″ heat-treated thick alloy steel links and 307″ length, provides you with enough protection.

High-Quality Material: Thickened nylon cloth cover, wear-resistant and non-slip, and protects the paint surface of the bicycle from scratches.

Convenient to Use: It comes with two keys and has a keyless lock design, which is more convenient to use.

Long-lasting & Durable: The chain adopts electroplating technology so that it has excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance.

Color: Black
Material: alloy steel + nylon cloth cover
Length: 307″ (1m)
Weight: 2.29lbs (1039g)


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E-took Anti-Theft E-Bike Chain Locks