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Estar Rides

E-Bike Air Pump

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Easy to Use & Carry Out: It is more labor-saving to use the foot drive mode. Compared with the traditional foot tire pump, it is more convenient to carry.

Clear Display: Accurate barometer, and real-time display of air pressure data. High-pressure 120PSI.

Multifunctional Compatible Valve: Compatible with American valve (Schrader Valve), French valve (Presta Valve), and with additional air needle to inflate balloons, swimming rings, basketballs, inflatable boats, etc. (our bicycles belong to American valves)

High Strength Material: Aluminum alloy air pipe material is firm and durable.

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Air Pressure: 120PSI
Weight: 338g
Size: 5.3″*6.7″
Trachea Length: 18″
Color: Black


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E-Bike Air Pump