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Aventon Tire for Ebike

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Discover the perfect replacement tire for your Aventon ebike with ease. Finding the right fit is a breeze when you know the size of the tire you need. Simply look to the sidewall of your bike’s tire, where you’ll find a size format such as “700x35c” or “26×2.0.” These numbers provide valuable information about the tire’s diameter and width.

Sold individually, must purchase two for a complete pair.


27.5 Ramblas, 29 Ramblas, Abound, Aventure / Aventure.2, Level, Level / Level.2, Pace 350 / Pace 500, Pace 350.2 / Pace 500.2 / Level.2, Sinch, Sinch ST / Sinch.2, Soltera / Soltera 7S, Soltera.2


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Aventon Tire for Ebike