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Estar Rides

Aventon Tie Down Straps

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When it comes to transporting your precious Ebikes, trust our top-notch Hitch Rack Straps to provide the ultimate security. Designed with your peace of mind in mind, these straps offer a simple yet robust solution for keeping your Ebikes extra safe during travel.


  • 1 ½(38mm) Wide Polyester Webbing
  • 1200lbs Breaking Strength
  • Soft-Tye Soft Non-Scratching, fits in tight areas.
  • Industrial Grade Buckle
  • Rubber coded S-Hooks

Important instructions:

  • Do not exceed working load of 403 Is per strap.
  • Always inspect webbing & hardware before each use. Do not use if webbing is cut or frayed.
  • Hooks and buckles must be in a straight line with the direction of pull.
  • Webbing must be protected from sharp edges, hot surfaces and harmful chemicals .
  • Always check load every 50 KMS and re-tighten as necessary.
  • Store out of the sun and the rain when not using.


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Aventon Tie Down Straps