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Aventon Hitch Rack Adapter

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The Aventon Hitch Rack Adapter Bar is your go to solution for transporting your Step-Though eBike with ease and security. Crafted from durable steel, this adapter bar creates an instant top tube right at your fingertips. By simply installing it between your seat post and stem, you can easily make your eBike frame compatible with the Aventon Hitch Rack.



  • Quick and secure installation to your stem and seat post, providing a sturdy connection to single or dual-arm mounts.
  • Adjustable length to accommodate all Aventon e-bike models.
  • Thoughtfully designed with molded collar ends to prevent any damage to the finish of your bike.



  • Extended: 32 inches
  • Shrunken: 25 inches


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Aventon Hitch Rack Adapter