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The Best Bike Paths in Atlanta for E-bike Enthusiasts


As e-bikes continue to surge in popularity throughout Atlanta, riders are discovering the joys of zipping past traffic, enjoying the outdoors, and getting their daily dose of exercise with ease. With their electric assist, e-bikes make tackling hills and longer distances a breeze, opening up a world of exploration possibilities within the city’s urban landscape.

Today, we’re going to guide you through the top bike paths in Atlanta that are perfectly suited for e-bike enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a scenic ride, a challenging workout, or a leisurely commute, Atlanta’s bike paths offer something for everyone.

1. The Atlanta BeltLine

The Atlanta BeltLine is a comprehensive revitalization project transforming the city, connecting neighborhoods with a network of public parks, multi-use trails, and transit options. For e-bikers, the BeltLine is a dream come true. It provides a safe, scenic route that is ideal for both recreational rides and commuting.

As you glide along the trail, you’ll encounter vibrant murals, bustling markets, and green spaces perfect for a quick break or picnic. Remember to keep to a moderate speed and signal when overtaking to ensure a safe experience for all.

2. Silver Comet Trail

Stretching over 60 miles from Atlanta to the Alabama state line, the Silver Comet Trail beckons e-bike adventurers looking for a longer ride. The trail is well-maintained and takes you through quiet woods, open fields, and over charming bridges.

Since the trail is built on a former rail line, it’s relatively flat, making it an excellent choice for riders of all levels. Before setting out, make sure your e-bike’s battery is fully charged for the journey, and pack some snacks and water for the ride.

3. Stone Mountain Path

Linking Midtown Atlanta to the iconic Stone Mountain Park, this 19-mile path offers a blend of urban and natural landscapes for e-bikers. The climb up to Stone Mountain provides a moderate challenge, but your e-bike’s electric assist will help you conquer it with ease.

Once at the park, you can enjoy the various attractions or simply take in the stunning views of the Atlanta skyline from the summit. The path also features several rest stops, so you can recharge both your own and your e-bike’s batteries.

4. The PATH400 Greenway Trail

Nestled in the heart of Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood, the PATH400 Greenway Trail offers a green retreat for urban commuters and leisure riders. The trail is still expanding, but currently, it provides a safe and beautiful route through one of Atlanta’s busiest districts. Its smooth pavement and gentle inclines make it perfect for a quick e-bike trip to the shops, a coffee run, or a refreshing lunchtime ride.

5. Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area

The Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area boasts a network of trails that allow e-bikers to immerse themselves in nature without leaving the city. The trails vary in difficulty, but all offer stunning views of the river and surrounding forests. While enjoying the natural beauty, it’s important to be mindful of the wildlife and practice good trail etiquette to preserve the area for everyone.

6. The Big Creek Greenway

If you find yourself in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, the Big Creek Greenway is a must-ride path for e-bike enthusiasts.  The Big Creek Greenway stretches for approximately 8 miles through the cities of Alpharetta and Roswell, offering a mix of concrete paths and wooden boardwalks that meander through wetlands and wooded areas.

This path provides a fantastic opportunity for e-bikers to enjoy a peaceful ride while observing the local flora and fauna. The trail is relatively flat and well-suited for a family outing or a solo adventure. Along the way, you’ll find ample amenities, including restrooms, water fountains, and seating areas, making it easy to take breaks as needed.

7. Piedmont Park and the Connecting Atlanta Botanical Garden

Piedmont Park is Atlanta’s version of Central Park, a beloved green space that offers a variety of activities and scenic views. E-bikers can enjoy the park’s paved paths, which connect to the Atlanta Botanical Garden, offering a seamless ride through some of the city’s most beautiful landscapes.

The park’s central location makes it an ideal starting point or destination for an e-bike ride, and the wide paths allow for comfortable cruising. Keep an eye out for community events that often take place in the park, adding to the vibrant atmosphere.

8. Tips for Enjoying Atlanta’s Bike Paths on Your E-bike

To make the most of your e-bike experience on Atlanta’s bike paths, consider the following tips:

  • Ensure your e-bike’s battery is fully charged before heading out, especially for longer trips.
  • Always bring a water bottle and wear sunscreen, as Georgia’s weather can be quite warm, especially in the summer months.
  • Familiarize yourself with local bike laws and adhere to e-bike speed regulations to ensure safety for all path users.
  • Utilize bike path apps and online resources to help plan your route and discover new paths to explore.


Atlanta’s bike paths offer a diverse range of settings and experiences for e-bike riders. From urban adventures along the BeltLine to natural escapes like the Chattahoochee River trails, there’s a path for every preference and skill level. E-bikes open up new possibilities for enjoying these routes, making it easier than ever to explore the beauty and excitement of Atlanta on two wheels.

So, charge up your e-bike, strap on your helmet, and get ready to discover the best bike paths that the city has to offer. And if you need any assistance, advice, or the latest e-bike gear, be sure to stop by our store – we’re here to help you embark on your next two-wheeled adventure!